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Rainbow Six Siege might be one of the best multiplayer shooters of the past few years, but its PvE experience has been lacking, especially when compared to previous Rainbow Six games. Ubisoft hope to change this with Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak, a co-op event that will launch alongside Operation Chimera and run for four weeks.

Official information on Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak has been scarce, but thanks to an ARG and a recent series of Ubisoft blog posts we now know what threat Team Rainbow will face and where. To keep you up to date, here is everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak.

While the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak release date was slated to be the same as the Chimera release date, Ubisoft have now confirmed the exact dates for the event - Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak will release on March 6 and run until April 3. However, Ubisoft have also said that Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak will release on the TTS on February 20, which means it really is not long before PC players will be able to sample some Outbreak gameplay for themselves.

If that is still too long to wait then not to worry as there will be a full reveal for Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak at the Six Invitational on February 18.

Thankfully, we do not need to guess what the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak operators will be like as Ubisoft have revealed what their names, what they look like, what CTU they are from, and their special gadgets. Here is a quote from the official blog post :

“One operator hails from France and uses a drone to maintain quarantine perimeters. Their service record is astounding, but their list of regrets seems endless.