Algebra - Wikipedia

Math 101 Basic Math , or placement test score in the 75 - 85 range, or two years of college prep math (usually a year of algebra and a year of geometry). Those with a lower placement score but the proper high school background should discuss their options with a member of the math faculty.

This course is not designed for anyone who has never passed either Math 101 or a high school algebra course. These people need to pass Math 101 first.

Elementary Algebra satisfies the math requirement for a few technical programs or certificates; see the catalog for specifics. The only degrees or certificate programs which do not require this course or a higher math course are those with a requirement for Math 115 Business Math.

Medical Assisting and Emergency Medical Services-Paramedic students are required to take Math 135 Allied Health Mathematics.

Nursing students are recommended but not required to take Math 135 Allied Health Mathematics. R.N. students planning to earn a B.S.N. degree are likely to need Math 118 Intermediate Algebra.

Everybody else takes Math 118 Intermediate Algebra. These people need to do so as soon as possible while their algebra skills are still fresh.