Scots: do you know your teuchters from your sassenachs.

In this episode of Sex & Whisky, Lani introduces the show, explains what will happen, and drinks a little because… well. Outlander.

This week, Alastair and Daphne finish the Voyager book club, with discussion of caves and monsters, the past and future, and how to satisfy a reader.

This week, Alastair and Daphne celebrate the return of our favorite secondary character in Voyager , chapters fifty-eight to sixty!

This week, we set the stage for the end of the book, complete with pirate attacks and some Jamie/Claire sexy times — it’s Voyager , chapters fifty-three to fifty-seven!

This week, we’re joined by the brilliant Daphne Olive of Fathoms Deep to discuss Voyager , chapters forty-eight to fifty-two!