Blood Redemption (Angel s Edge, 3) by Vicki Keire

The Sanguinor is a mysterious figure that appears during the Blood Angels ' greatest need. To many among the battle-brothers of the Chapter he is a myth, as few ever survive the battles that warrant his appearance, but members of the Blood Angels' Reclusiam know otherwise, keeping detailed records of his manifestations throughout the millenia.

The Sanguinor, now known simply as The Herald , served in his role for several years. Later when Sanguinius, Guilliman, and Lion El'Jonson attempted to reach Terra through the Ruinstorm , the Herald attempted to rescue Sanguinius from the clutches of the Daemon Madail on Davin . As Sanguinius battled Madil and was torn between a portal that linked the Materium and the Daemonically corrupted-ship Veritas Ferrum , The Herald took his place. The Herald and Madail fell together into the collapsing portal, and Sanguinius saw his son transform into a golden angelic form as he was consumed by the energies of the Warp. [4]

It is unknown if Alatron survived the Heresy and what role, if any, he would play after the death of Sanguinius and the break up of the Blood Angels Legion and Imperial Secundus.

The Sanguinor is armed with golden Artificer Armour with an integral winged Jump Pack [1b] , wields a Glaive Encarmine , a two-handed Power Sword and the Red Grail [2] . He also carries with him frag and krak grenades .