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"First, I want to tell you how wonderful the finished blanket is: it is extremely luxurious, light weight (4 lbs) and yet exceedingly warm, soft, and supple. We consider this blanket one of our most prized possessions. You feel like you're snuggling up with 50 soft, cuddly rabbits whenever you want. If you choose to make one you will not regret it."

Materials needed:
50 rabbit skins
250 feet cotton cordage
Spindle to hold wound furs
4 lengths of 2 inch diameter wood for the frame (two 4 foot lengths and two 5.5 foot lengths) and strong cordage to lash the frame together.

1) Obtain hides. Use raw jack rabbit hides or tanned rabbit hides
Tanned rabbit skin hides can be ordered through : phone 800-206-6544, price $1.50 each (as of January 3, 2003) plus shipping.

5) Attach the fur to something that you will wind the twisted fur onto. We used a plastic spindle made for a large electrical cord, but a 2 foot section of a 2 inch diameter branch would do.

8) Join the strips by cutting a small 3/4 inch slit in both ends of each strip of fur, one inch from the ends of the strip. Slip one end of the untwisted strip of fur into the slit through the twisted strip of fur. Pull the untwisted strip through its own slit and pull tight. This will lock the two strips together.

10) Now build a frame out of 2 inch diameter branches or 2 inch by 2 inch lumber that are at least 4 feet by 5.5 feet. Use strong cordage to bind each corner of the frame.