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I looked up countless tutorials and helps, and they say "Just open the Filters SubPanel in the Properties Menu" and I look, and it's not there.

it's part of the properties panel in cs5.  click on an object that can have filters (like a movieclip) and scroll down the properties panel.

I am encountering the same problem. I'm running Flash CS5 on a brand new iMac computer running OS 10.6.6. My specific complaint is that I can't find any flters listed at all in my Filters menu within the Properties Panel. My general complaint is that Flash seems "buggy". I often can't replicate exercises found in the Adobe or Flash instruction tutorials for CS5, despite doing every procedure demonstrated to the letter.

To repeat, when I open up the Filters menu in the Properties Panel to add a filter to a Text Field (as suggested and shown in the tutorial) I see NO filters present at all in my Filters menu.

I have reinstalled my Adobe CS5 Master Collection twice already to try and resolve Flash's poor performance issues, to little effect. What is wrong with my Flash CS5 program that it is performing so poorly? And how can I get my library of Flash filters to show up in the Filters Menu? Any helpful suggestions would be most appreciated. My calls to Adobe directly are always routed to overseas call centers, where after ineffectually mincing with scripted promises of help for 15 minutes, a robotic tech support person finally tells me they will have to call me back, which they never do (I couldn't be more unhappy with the byzantine structure of Adobe's technical support system).

If it helps, I just had the same problem on Mac with CS4 / CS5. Thought I was going mad as I saw the Filters panel and then a little while after it had disappeared.