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My darlings! I have created a fashion Group for you all! Retro Rack Group. Please feel free to join!
It's my hope those of you interested in particularly the fashion side of my books, be it historical reenactment, steampunk, or just outfits at events will join and share there. Also I will be encouraging those of you who post fashion stuff here, to actually do it there instead. Pip pip! Miss Gail Carriger

I just finished 'Timeless' and already started with 'Prudence'. In between I did some fanart: Ink painting of Geneviève Lefoux from the parasol protectorate series.

Has anyone seen Gotham by Gaslight?? It’s a new Batman animated movie my friend had me watch and it’s like steampunk Batman hunting Jack the Ripper!

I have updated my website with a resources page! Go seek ye what ever you need most from me. It should be there.

💀 🚫 No bones about it! 🐙 😂
Mike deGruy was fascinated by all cephalopods but especially the octopus. He and Peck Euwer built this ingenious maze and gymnasium to illustrate the octopus' ability to squeeze into the tightest of spaces!

So, my friend has a shop, and I came across these at work today. I read wish I had a spot for the little ceramic kettle figurines. The mirror is a beaut but my walls won't support it.