Dark Hour (Book Three of the Coming Evil) -

The Three Days of Darkness is an eschatological prophecy (based on private revelation) within Catholicism which parallels the Ten Plagues against Egypt in the Book of Exodus . [1]

Just as God punished the Egyptians with plagues including the "three days of darkness", the theory states that God will chastise the world with darkness at the end of time. The earth will be enveloped by darkness lasting three days and three nights, the only light source that can be seen being blessed candles . Various Catholic visionaries agree that the faithful should stay within their homes during this period as most of the earth's inhabitants shall die. [ citation needed ]

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (1769–1837) is the most known seer of the Three Days of Darkness and describes the event in this way:

Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941), known as the "Breton Stigmatist", expanded upon the story of the Three Days of Darkness, saying that it will occur on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday when all of Hell will be let loose to strike at those outside their homes and those without a lit blessed candle of 100% pure wax. [3]

Adherents of the Three Days of Darkness are usually traditionalist Catholics or sedevacantists . The latter group hopes that a "true pope " will be miraculously designated by an apparition of Saint Peter and Saint Paul ; this tangential belief assumes that the most recent pontiffs of the Church are in fact " antipopes ". There is also controversy over whether the twentieth-century saint and stigmatist Saint Pio endorsed and taught on the future Three Days of Darkness as the authenticity of the alleged words of Saint Pio are disputed. [4] [5]